Best Electric Wearable Breast Pump


  • Efficient breast pumping – It has 3 modes, with totally 27 levels of intensity adjustment, and the suction value up to 280-300mmhg, thus maximizing the efficiency of breast pumping, and ensuring that every mother can find her own rhythm.
  • All-in-one design – Mothers’ hands are free and breastfeed is available anytime and anywhere in the underwear. The wireless design is portable and compact, and does not affect normal life and work.
  • Full touch screen – Touch the screen to start breast pumping, without the need to press the buttons as hard as a traditional breast pump. Each level has a corresponding digital display, which is convenient for mothers to record.
  • Professional loop-closed anti-reflux system – Every drop of breast milk sucked out can be prevented from secondary pollution. The ring-shaped milk pouring port makes it easy to pour the milk into the bottle, with a capacity of 180ml. At the same time, the petal silica gel that best fits the contours of women’s breasts is adopted, which fits better than ordinary silica gel, making mother more comfortable when pumping.
  • Unique quiet design – The decibels generated during work are less than 45, which will not disturb a sleeping baby. Food-grade safe material, does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), so as to maintain the best purity of milk.