Top 5 beaches and hotels in Boracay Island

About Philippines

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of about 7,664 islands, and is broadly divided under three main geographic regions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and Quezon is the most populous city. Overcrowded, the Philippines is bordered to the west by the South China Sea, and to the east by the Philippine Sea. The location of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean and near the equator makes the Philippines vulnerable to earthquakes and typhoons, but also gives it a lot of natural resources. The country of the Philippines follows several islands under Philippine sovereignty, This article will cover the most important facts about Boracay Island.


Boracay Island

Boracay Island is very popular among tourists who visit it by the thousands every year, for its picturesque landmarks and surprising beaches. The main attraction of this island, where its dazzling white against the shallow and blue sea water is an ideal place for a holiday full of fun,Swimming and snorkeling in the marine waters of the island are additional attractions, and the island is also famous for its vibrant nightlife among a huge number of different restaurants and shops, as night tours become another additional pleasure for the thousands who visit the island for the purpose of tourism. The Filipino closed the island for a period of time to develop and develop its tourism resources to be able to serve the huge numbers that flock to it.

History of Boracay Island

The Island of Boracay was originally a populated place before immigrants from Spain arrived in the Philippines, and was known to the conquistadors as Boracay, and at the time of contact with European civilization the population of the island was about a hundred people, and the society on the island of Boracay was largely agricultural like other parts of the The neighboring islands, in about 1900 AD, Sofia Gonzalez Tirol and her husband Lamberto Hontiferros Tirol in the town of Bania acquired a large area of ​​the island and planted much of its land with coconuts and fruit trees.

Fishing was a major industry on the island, however, due to over-harvesting by fishermen and the destruction of coral reefs, fishing operations experienced a significant decline in the 1970s, and in the 1980s the island’s interest in the Philippines increased until it became a tourist destination, and by the 1990s the beaches of Boracay were famous as the best In the world.

However, in 1997, tourist arrivals to the island decreased by 60% due to an increase in coliform bacteria from the poor sanitation of the island of Boracay in general until a number of reforms were made, then President Gloria Macapagal declared Boracay a special tourist area in 2005, and in 2012 The Philippine Department of Tourism announced that Boracay has been named the second best beach in the world after Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Boracay Beaches

White Beach: It is located on the western coast of Boracay Island and is located between the villages of Ongol and Balabag. It is considered one of the important and distinctive beaches on the island, as it extends to about four kilometers, and the beach includes many restaurants, markets, and distinctive cafes.

Yabak Beach: It is located on the northern island of Boracay Island, and is considered one of the longest beaches on the island, covering its northern half completely.

Diniwid Beach: It is located to the north of the White Beach, and can be accessed through the White Beach.

Balinghai Beach: The beach is surrounded by many rocky walls, and is characterized as a quiet and romantic place, as there is a place dedicated to diving, and overlooks the amazing coral gardens, in addition to containing places for eating and drinking.

Cagban Beach: It is located on the southern tip of Boracay Island, and is considered a quiet and distinctive beach, away from the hustle and bustle.

Manco manco Beach: It has amazing and distinctive views, and many tourists visit it annually to practice swimming and various water sports.

Hotels in Boracay Island

Blue Marina Hotel: It is one of the amazing hotels overlooking the gardens and scenic views. It provides its customers with many services, including wireless internet, and practicing various water sports such as swimming and diving. The hotel also provides a daily breakfast service.

Ferna Boracay Hotel: It is located about 400 meters from the White Beach, and provides its customers with many services, including an outdoor swimming pool, wireless internet, and offers Filipino cuisine, cocktails, and delicious snacks.

Ocean Club Beach Restort Hotel: It is considered one of the distinctive hotels designed in a tropical style, and provides its customers with many services, including kayaking, and the rental of various boats. It is also possible to exercise, in addition to serving international and Filipino food and drinks.

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